North Carolina Anti-Gay Rant


  1. Does this pasture live under a rock? And as for the lady in the video WTF? Obviously she has no bearings for her beliefs. Sounds like she is brain washed by this guy and can’t think for herself. Mr. Cooper did a good job of cracking her stupidity.

  2. I also think he did a great job being very diplomatic and I respect his modesty in not attacking her for her beliefs. Clearly members within the congrigation disregard their own logic and accept Worley’s view of homosexuality as a crutch. In doing so they don’t have to face responsability in figuring out the world around them for themselves.

    It’s very important that members of the LGBTQ community do not respond in anger or become confrontational with people who believe homosexuality is a sin. They must be treated as equals and listen to. After all isn’t that the kind of love they really need? Certainly not the kind of love Charles Worley is preaching and giving to his people.

    In my opinion it’s our responsibility to become more compassionate individuals by helping them feel acceptance, rather than assume we are the ones who need it the most. That’s truly the only way to change the minds of people like Stacey Pitchard.

    -Christian Frisk

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